Interior Design Entry-Portfolio Review Instructions

General Information • Download the Spring 2023 Instructions

Note: Students retaking the entry review or wanting to transfer into the program must submit the current year's project as instructed below. If a student is not enrolled in the course titled Drawing for Interior Design, ADES 2630, you can request the project document by emailing Assistant Professor

Review Schedule

  • Submit your transcript and portfolio digitally by May 5, 2023, 11:59:59 p.m. 
  • Late submissions will not be considered for review.
  • Entry-Portfolio Review: Faculty and jurors will review entry-review portfolios beginning May 9, 2023; the review should be completed by May 19.

Confirmation Email Required: Expect a result email after the reviews are completed. You must respond to that email within the specified time frame. If you pass the review, your email response should indicate your acceptance or rejection of the offer to enter the program.

Note to Applicants

Any student not passing the Entry-Portfolio Review may:

  • Retake ADES 2630 at the next course offering the scheduled date if seats are available in the class and/or
  • Resubmit a process portfolio at the following year's Entry-Portfolio Review. Faculty will not provide special assistance to review the resubmitted entry-review portfolio.

Students may choose either method listed above one (1) time. In other words, retaking of ADES 2630 and/or resubmission of a portfolio is allowed only one additional time the following spring semester.

  • No portfolios will be reviewed at other times during the academic year.
  • All students must pass the Entry-Portfolio Review before being admitted to upper-division classes.
  • Failure to present work according to these guidelines will remove the portfolio from consideration.
  • No Interior Design faculty or staff member at the University of North Texas will assist a student in pre-screening or selecting the pieces for this portfolio to avoid giving any student an unfair advantage over others who might not have access to the faculty. The student’s selection process will provide evidence of critical and analytical skills.
  • Files submitted in a format other than Portable Document Format, PDF, are disqualified.
  • Faculty may request the submittal of original work after the review.

Submittal Process

Students currently taking ADES 2630 — Drawing for Interior Design 


Log into UNT Slideroom and upload a PDF of your unofficial transcript to “TRANSCRIPT.”
File name format: (Eight-digit student ID number) (Dash)(First name)(Dash)(Last name)
For example 12345678-firstname-lastname.pdf

The unofficial transcript shows that the student has successfully completed with a grade of C or better or is currently enrolled in the following courses.

  • ADES 1625 Introduction to Interior Design
  • ADES 2630 Drawing for Interior Design
  • ART 1700 Foundations: Space (Physical, Temporal and Virtual)
  • ART 1800 Foundations: Narrative and Representation

On your transcript, please highlight the courses above.

Entry-Portfolio Review

Log in to UNT Slideroom and upload one PDF file of your entry portfolio for review.
File digital file name must be your UNT Student Identification Number only. For example 12345678.pdf

  • Files submitted in a format other than portable document format, PDF, are automatically rejected and disqualified.
  • The student’s name should not appear on any of the work below. Any portfolio with a readable student name on individual projects will be disqualified.
  • Your name will appear on Slideroom.

Entry-Portfolio Review Content

The entry portfolio contains creative work that exhibits competency in manual drawing, drafting and hand skills.
All work should exhibit competency in craft, application of appropriate design principles and elements, critical thinking, organization, concept and creativity.

It must contain the following.

A. Schematic sequence including the following.

  • Multiple images of a physical model demonstrating an understanding of three-dimensional space. Color is allowed.
  • Concept development, quick sketch techniques, and design development for the three-dimensional model submission. Color is allowed.
  • Concept statement. The statement should not exceed 50 words. Note the total word count in the upper right-hand corner of the page. This total does not include the project name. Place the concept statement in the Process Booklet.

B. Sketching sequence

  • Two to three freehand sketches of interior spaces. Color is allowed.

C. Drawing sequence in black and white only including the following.

  • Floorplan with furniture placement demonstrating an understanding of circulation, plan graphics and layout, scale, drafting conventions (line quality, symbols, identification/ labeling, accuracy), and lettering.
  • Interior elevations demonstrating an understanding of plan graphics, scale, and drafting conventions using line quality, symbols, dimensioning, identification/ labeling, accuracy, and lettering.
  • A perspective drawing demonstrating an understanding of three-dimensional space.



The interior design program leading to the B.F.A. in Interior Design is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation,, 206 Grandville Avenue, Suite 350, Grand Rapids, MI, 49503.

The CIDA-accredited program prepares students for entry-level interior design practice, for advanced study, and to apply for membership in professional interior design organizations. The B.F.A. in Interior Design granted by the University of North Texas meets the educational requirement for eligibility to sit for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification Examination (NCIDQ Exam). For more information about NCIDQ Exam eligibility visit: