CVAD Advancement Board

The CVAD Advancement Board aims to help develop alumni, community and public support for the college and bolster philanthropic efforts to secure new major gifts to support the college.  

Mission Statement: The CVAD Advancement Board will inspire, empower and engage alumni, friends, and the community to build a lasting legacy of philanthropy to financially support CVAD’s mission and make a positive difference in the lives of our students, faculty and programs. 

The following list comprises the members of the CVAD Advancement Board. For more information, contact Felicia Lewis, senior director of development and fundraising,, 940-369-8042.


Marilyn Archer
D. Jack Davis
Cathy Drennan
Cohn Drennan
Michael Faircloth, CVAD alum: 1983, Fashion Design
Susan J. Ellis Gabbard, Distinguished alumna, 1970, B.A., 1994, M.A.
Georgia "Billie" Gough, emeritus
Charran James, CVAD alum: 2007, B.F.A., Interior Design
Gordon Kendall
Anita Moran
Brandon Murphy
Terence Reynolds

Benjamin Salazar
Peggy Sagers
Monica Samson, chair from 2019 to 2021
Phil Samson, CVAD alum: 2022, M.F.A., Studio Art
Debbie Stafford
Paul R. Voertman, in memoriam
Katherine Wagner
David Wilgus, CVAD alum: 1980, B.F.A., Communication Design: Graphic Design
Jim T. Wilson, CVAD alum: 2018, M.F.A., Studio Art: Drawing & Painting


CVAD Advancement Board Undergraduate Scholarship

The CVAD Advancement Board Undergraduate Scholarship is funded solely by Advancement Board members and is dedicated to helping students pay for college. Kicked off by CVAD Advancement Board member Marilyn Archer with the inaugural gift, this is a merit-based scholarship.