CVAD Art Building Virtual Tours

About CVAD Virtual Tours — No Sound

The virtual tours — with no sound — of the CVAD Art Building are provided by the CVAD Office of Academic and Student Affairs. Please send an email to, should you have any questions.

In-person Tours: For an in-person tour, visit the UNT Tours website to schedule a campus or college-specific tour. 

Art Building Tour by Floor

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Virtual Tour of the Art Education Facilities

Virtual Tour of the Drawing and Painting Spaces

Drawing and painting students are encouraged to work across various contemporary and traditional painting, drawing practices, concepts, methods, and techniques. Critique rooms are located throughout the building and provide a professional space for critiques to take place outside of the classroom environment, which mimics the professional world.

The drawing and painting spaces allow students to manipulate the classroom with easels, drawing horses, facilitating different working practices and different media. The windows are facing north to let in natural lighting. Every white wall in the Art Building provides a gallery space for students to display their artwork. The film on the doors provides extra privacy for figure-drawing classes.

Figure drawing courses investigate conceptual and narrative territories while expanding drawing media. Students will have many opportunities to interact with internationally acclaimed visiting artists who provide various views and approaches. The spray booth functions as a safe environment for students to spray fixative on drawings for charcoal or pastels or to experiment with spray paint.

Virtual Tour of the Fabrication Laboratories, "The Fab Labs"

The Fabrication Laboratories, which are often called the Fab Labs, are open to all CVAD students. The lab machinery consists of water jet cutters, CNC routers (computer numeric control), laser cutters, plasma cutters, 3D printers, and a vinyl cutter. 

To gain access to the labs, you must complete the safety training and sign the Liability Release Form. Students learn to operate the equipment themselves with the support of a technician. The Fab Labs are unique to CVAD because they focus solely on producing artwork. To view a demonstration in the Fab Lab with Lab Manager Abby Sherrill, visit the Fab Lab demonstration video on CVAD's YouTube channel.

Virtual Tour of the Fashion Design Facilities

Virtual Tour of the CVAD Interior Design Facilities

Virtual Tour of the Lighting Studio

Virtual Tour of the Metalsmithing and Jewelry Facilities

Studio Art students in the metalsmithing and jewelry concentration explore formal and conceptual concerns in jewelry, hollowware and small art objects through traditional and contemporary techniques. Students meet in the main bench classrooms, which consist of soldering torches, drilling stations, and other tools necessary for metalsmithing.

The other studio spaces are dedicated to specific materials and processes. The Casting Room has vacuum machines, a torch, a centrifugal caster and burnout kilns.

The Enameling Studio houses a pneumatic shear and several enameling kilns of various sizes. Enamels are supplied to students. The Plasticity Plus, or ‘Hammer’ room, is where students practice traditional metal-forming techniques using hammers, forming stakes or a spinning lathe. This room also is home to a large powder-coating booth, forge, an annealing torch, and sandblasters.

The Finishing Room contains grinding and polishing machines where students can complete their artwork.

Virtual Tour of New Media Art Facilities

Virtual Tour of the Photography Facilities

Photography students learn traditional black-and-white darkroom techniques. They also learn historic and alternative processes, as well as studio lighting, digital imaging, and installation processes. There is a $30 digital printing credit. After that, printing costs one cent (0.01¢) per square inch. Photography students may also participate in an internship through UNT’s strong network of award-winning alumni.

Virtual Tour of the Printmaking Facilities

New state-of-the-art studios assist students in exploring their conceptual ideas through intaglio, lithography, letterpress, screen printing, monotype, artist’s bookmaking and mixed-media processes.

Our Printmaking faculty are nationally and internationally recognized professional artists who train students with technical skills, promote creative research and mentor students for professional development opportunities. 

Virtual Tour of the Sculpture Facilities

Virtual Tour of the Texas Fashion Collection: Gloria and Bruzzy Westheimer Research Gallery

The Gloria and Bruzzy Westheimer TFC Research Gallery is a student-oriented collection of more than 700 historical and designer garments and accessories, all selected for their relationship with the UNT curriculum and student-research interests.

A display area, often curated and installed by interns, augments classroom learning and enhances individual student-research projects. These pop-up exhibitions explore design and cultural history, ranging from a fashion design-oriented focus on construction to a sculpture-oriented look at form and materials to an art historical focus on context and style.

The Westheimer Research Gallery is a subset of CVAD's Texas Fashion Collection's permanent holdings. Housed at the nearby Welch Street Complex 1, the TFC includes nearly 20,000 artifacts spanning over 250 years of fashion history.