Graduate Student Advisors

Graduate students will confer with departmental faculty members for advising. Send an email to the graduate program point of contact for an appointment or to request a tour of the Art Building. Virtual tours of the CVAD Facilities may be viewed on our CVAD Virtual Tours web page. For more information, visit the Graduate Programs list.

For more information about grad school at UNT, please visit the Toulouse Graduate School website or email

Contact Information

Art Education | 940-369-7559

Tyson E. Lewis, Ph.D., director, Graduate Studies

Art History

Please contact the department office for more information.

Design | 940-565-3621

Chanjuan Chen, M.F.A., Fashion Design
Michael R. Gibson, M.F.A., Interaction Design — M.A. in IXD
Phillip Park, Ph.D., Interior Design

Studio Art | 940-369-7671

Learn more about the Studio Art M.F.A.

Paho Mann, M.F.A.
Graduate Director
Department of Studio Art
UNT Art Building, Room 345M

Off-campus Housing Resources and more!

Check the Off-Campus Housing Resource web page

A roundup of college and campus resources is on the CVAD Resources web page.

Paying for College

Find information about scholarships, internships, fellowships and more on the CVAD Paying for College web page.