A color head and shoulders portrait of Anna. She wears black with a red scarf around her neck and looks away from the camera to the left.Anna Smith

Studio Art: Photography
Expected Graduation: 2025
Art Annex, Studio 121E

Instagram: @ann_uhh_

Black and white photo of a tree in the center of the image, film negative sprocket holes are visible on the sides.

“In Vein,” 2021
Darkroom print
10 x 10 inches

Warped photo framed by a thin copper plate with thread. Behind it is a copper plate cut in the shape of a house. In between the two is a nightlight.

“Everything Not Felt By the Cars In the Street,” 2022
copper, Polaroid emulsion, transparency, encaustic, thread, nightlight
4.75  x 3.75  x 2.5  inches