Nadin wearing a black headscarf and silver hoop earrings with trees in the background.

Nadin Nassar

Studio Art: Sculpture
Expected graduation: 2026
Art Annex, Studio 126H

Website: Nadin Nassar
Instagram: @Nadin.Sculpts

Sculpture of two figures standing and embracing in a gallery setting.

“Until We Meet Again,” 2022
Found metal, battery, metal shavings, nails, spray foam, Styrofoam, plaster gauze, chicken wire, plaster, cement, spray paint, silicone, hair, sand, and hand-carved concrete plaque 
18 x 17 x 41 inches

Sculpture of a seated figure leaning forward. The lighting creates a silhouette of the sculpture.

“Untitled,” 2022
Chicken wire, toilet paper, glue, newspaper, cement, plaster cast parts, spray paint
18 x 17 x 41 inches