Asli facing forward, blonde hair, glasses, white shirt

Asli Kinsizer

Art Education Ph.D. program
Expected graduation: 2025

Kinsizer is an artist, Ph.D. student and teaching fellow in the Department of Art Education in the UNT College of Visual Arts and Design. She teaches honors art appreciation and computer art education applications.

As an educator from Turkey pursuing her academic career in the U.S., Kinsizer is currently working on her research and proposal titled “Deconstructing the Orientalist Male Gaze Fantasy of Harem, Hammam and Odalisque through Feminist Intersectionality and Visual Analysis.” Kinsizer focuses on the conceptual framework of Orientalist depictions of Ottoman females in the Harem or Hammam, the development of geographical segregation into the Orientalist paradigm and the formation of stereotypes in visual culture and the arts. 

Even today, representations of Turkish women’s position and identity remain problematic under the Eurocentric and Eastern patriarchal paradigms. As a practicing artist, Kinsizer has an ongoing exhibition series titled Strong Women, with which she aims to encourage youth to express their unique voices through art by showcasing various historically significant female heroes.