Anita Moran is facing forward and smiling. She has short brown hair and wears a black dress with a silver necklace

Anita Moran

Advancement Board Member

Anita Picozzi Moran, FAIA, is an award-winning Dallas architect with a career designing for universities. She earned degrees from Cornell University and The University of Virginia and has a lifelong passion for higher education and design. Her portfolio includes 19 buildings and studies for the University of North Texas System and projects on 36 other university campuses in Texas and elsewhere in the United States. She is involved in the Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, focusing on developing scholarships and mentorship. Anita is a frequent speaker on architectural design for audiences at association conferences and travel excursions, as well as an author of both magazines and books.  Anita and her retired husband, Kevin, have been married for 43 years and have a daughter, Elizabeth, a designer for NIKE. She has been on the Advisory Board for CVAD since 2008. 

CVAD Mission: Cultivating creative talent and critical minds within a collaborative and caring environment.