CVAD Faculty Bylaws, Strategic Plan, Mission

CVAD Faculty Bylaws, January 2022

Strategic Plan 2022-2026

The future of the College of Visual Arts and Design at the University of North Texas is limitless. As we continue to build upon our foundational elements of a diverse student population, incredible facilities, a robust regional creative economy, and dedicated and passionate faculty and staff, we will enact our vision and mission through distinctive, inclusive, and purposeful innovation. 

Purpose. The Why. To elevate the transformative power of visual arts and design.
Vision. The What. To be an internationally recognized college of art and design known for providing opportunities, taking chances, and changing lives.
Mission. The How. Cultivation of creative talent and critical minds within a collaborative and caring environment. 
Goals. The How-tos. Leveraging our distinct assets and opportunities, CVAD will innovate through three priority areas to support the purpose, vision, and mission. 


Conceptual Foundations and Professional Preparation

The College of Visual Arts and Design will stand out as unique among its peers in its approach and contributions to arts and design through scholarship, production, and education of a diverse student population from entry to exit and from undergraduate through doctoral. 

  • Foundations Program. As we implement the new Foundations program — college-wide and conceptually focused — curriculum and practices at all levels will be impacted.
  • Career Readiness. Every CVAD student will graduate having completed (with support) at least one of the following: Internship, Student Teaching, Business/Artist Plan with Branding, and Grad School Prep.
  • Bragging Rights. Why be distinctive if we don’t brag about it a little? We will increase our public-facing activities through on- and off-campus events and showcase our facility by hosting conferences and symposia. We will invite people in and get out in both physical and virtual spaces. We will focus on marketing and communications both internally and externally.


Access and Experience

The College of Visual Arts and Design will endlessly pursue inclusive excellence in its curriculum and pedagogy as well as culture and climate. CVAD uniquely offers access and opportunity while simultaneously redefining and supporting excellence and success – for its students, faculty, staff and friends. We will continue to challenge existing norms—both internal and external—striving to live up to the opportunity our existing diverse student and regional population demands.

  • Inclusive Curriculum. We will challenge existing norms and Eurocentric practices across our programs.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Council. Council will advise leadership, review data, and provide recommendations to continue striving for an inclusive community.
  • Communications and Climate. We will improve upon internal communications and faculty/staff involvement and voice within the college. We will treat each other well, honor differences, and forgive irritations. We will assume good intentions and ask when in doubt.
  • Hiring Opportunities. We will increase faculty/staff diversity to better match student and regional demographics.


Students First and Focus on Fundamentals

The College of Visual Arts and Design will engage with purpose toward making a difference locally, nationally, and globally. We will provide students with a positive learning experience and purposefully prepare them for life after graduation. We will impact the local creative economy, stand as leaders in our various fields of study, and collaborate globally through art and design for social impact.

  • Research Support. The college will build systems of support and reward for research/scholarship. Building upon the Research Roadmaps, existing resources, and repurposed funds, we will provide a one-stop-shop CVAD Research Program.
  • Student Experience. We will provide for a positive and affordable student experience where opportunity is available and standards are high. We will strive to maintain and best serve current student numbers, balance student affordability against increased expenses, and support students’ timely degree completion or opt-out decision making.
  • College Governance. We will review and revise governing policies and systems in CVAD to decrease faculty service time and decentralize practices to departments and units. We will streamline and document internal operational systems and build a staffing structure to sustainably support needs and growth within the college.
  • External Relations and Development. We will prioritize external relations, including with the regional arts community, current and prospective donors, alumni, and friends. We will create and enact a feasible and ambitious fundraising plan.
  • Hard Choices. We will recognize that resourcing strategic priorities requires hard choices around resource allocation.


Note: Should you need a reasonable accommodation due to a disability to fully participate in a CVAD event, please contact the CVAD Dean's Office,, 940-565-4001. For voice access, dial 1-800-RELAYTX (735-2989). Please make the request as soon as possible to allow sufficient time to arrange the accommodation.

UNT is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, 11250 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 21, Reston, VA 20190-5248, phone: (703) 437-0700; fax: (703) 437-6312; email: In 2020, UNT achieved designation from the Department of Education as a Title III & Title V Minority-Serving Institution and as a Hispanic Serving Institution.