B.F.A. in Art Education


Graduates of the B.F.A. in Art Education find work as art teachers at K-12 school levels as well as art museums, community art programs, and other educational facilities. Students pursuing an undergraduate degree in Art Education learn how to create educational programming in the arts by learning to design effective arts curricula assessment plans and art teaching strategies for various demographic groups. The program consists of 120 semester credit hours during which students will garner significant experience and skills in artmaking, art history, curriculum and pedagogical design, and critical thinking practice. 

Students may choose to 

A. Graduate with an all-level teacher certification in art accredited by the Texas State Board for Educator Certification, including coursework, examinations*, and pre-service teaching practicum required by the state. In this option, you will observe an elementary and secondary art classroom and reflect upon these experiences before your final semester, during which you will be a full-time student teacher.


B. Graduate without Texas teaching licensure by substituting teaching practicum with internships or advanced studio credits. Training in this option may be applied to careers with non-profit arts organizations and serve as a foundation for advanced study in related fields, such as museum education.

*Note: The Texas Examinations of Educator Standards, TExES, Pedagogy and Responsibilities EC-12 is an exam used to assess an entry-level teacher's requisite skills and knowledge for grades in Early Childhood through 12th grade in Texas public schools. 

How to Become an Art Education Major

The undergraduate program in Art Education welcomes students who wish to pair a degree and art teacher certification with another degree, such as a B.F.A. in a studio art concentration, and those who seek a stand-alone B.F.A. in Art Education.


To become an Art Education major, complete the following requirements.

  1. Applying to UNT is your first step to admission to CVAD. On the UNT application, you will indicate one of the CVAD programs as your pre-major. Requirements are described in the UNT Catalog on the Art Education Pre-Major web page.
  2. Enroll in ARTE 3753: Art Education-Foundations. When students have enrolled in course ARTE 3753: Art Education: Foundations, or once this course is completed, they may apply for the program. Admission into the program as a major is not guaranteed. An official degree plan must be filed for Art Education by completing the degree-planning session with ARTE 3753: Art Education: Foundations class meeting. The degree requirements are listed on the UNT Catalog Art Education, B.F.A. Degree Requirements website

Additional Requirements

Admission to the Art Education major requires you also to be enrolled in the College of Education Teacher Preparation program. This will require you to complete a Criminal History Check as required by school district placements in conjunction with the required coursework and as required by the Texas Education Code.

Please visit the College of Education Admissions to the Teacher Education web page for more information

B.F.A. Art Education Curriculum Plan. The suggested path of study to graduate with a B.F.A. degree in Art Education is outlined in this document. 

Teacher certification requirements beyond the Art Education degree follow. 

  1. Complete Two Tests: TExES Exams: Art EC-12 content test and TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities test. For more information: UNT College of Education, Matthews Hall, Room 105.
  2. Apply for Certification: Application for certification through the State Board of Educator Certification, SBEC: Information: UNT College of Education Matthews Hall, Room 105, Texas Examinations of Educator Standards and Educator Certification.

Note: Please be aware that your certification may take up to six weeks after your grades and degree are posted.

Schedule of Classes

Please visit the UNT Undergraduate Catalog web page for Art Education course descriptions

B.F.A. in Art Education Marketable Skills

Students in the B.F.A. Art Education program will acquire the following marketable skills. 

  1. Instructional planning
  2. Pedagogical practices
  3. Assessment of learning
  4. Implementation of a standards-based curriculum
  5. Oral and written communication 

Contact Information

Future undergraduate students: Please contact CVAD Recruiter Kevin Contreras, Kevin.Contreras@unt.edu, for more information.
Currently enrolled undergraduate students: Contact the CVAD Undergraduate Academic Advising, CVAD.Advising@unt.edu.

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