Art Education Admissions Policy

How to Become a Major in Art Education

The undergraduate program in Art Education welcomes both students who wish to pair a degree and art teacher certification with another degree, such as a B.F.A. in a studio concentration, as well as those who seek the stand-alone B.F.A. in Visual Art Studies.


To become an Art Education major, complete the following requirements.

1. Be accepted as a student at the College of Visual Arts and Design.

Applying to UNT is your first step to admission to CVAD. You will indicate one of the CVAD programs as your pre-major on the UNT application. 

2. Complete at least 60 hours of college courses.

3. Enroll in AEAH 3753: Art Education: Foundations. Priority admission to this course is based on the successful completion of the following courses.

ART 1600
ART 1700
ART 1800

ART 1900
ART 2350
ART 2360

ART 2370
ASTU 2101 or 20102, and
at least two of the required studio courses.

Note: When students have enrolled in AEAH 3753: Art Education: Foundations, or once this course is completed, they may apply for admission into the program. Admission is not guaranteed. An official degree plan must be filed for Art Education, ARTE, by completing the degree-planning session in conjunction with a class meeting of AEAH 3753: Art Education: Foundations.

Required Sequence

The Art Education course requirements must be completed in the following sequence.

  1. Semester 1: AEAH 4750: Art Education: Elementary Art Education Practices, AEAH 4760: Art Education: Global Aesthetics, and AEAH 4795: Topics in Art Education must be taken concurrently during the first semester.
  2. Semester 2: AEAH 4780: Art Education: Secondary Art Education Practices must be taken concurrently with AEAH 4790: Inquiry and Dialogue about Art during the second semester.

Additional Requirements

Important Note: All requirements must be met prior to making your first appointment with the UNT College of Education.

  1. Criminal History Check: Participants must undertake criminal history checks as required by school district placements in conjunction with the required coursework and as required by the Texas Education Code.
  2. Admission to the Teacher Education Program: An additional requirement for the successful completion of the major entails admission into Teacher Education within the College of Education. Students must be admitted into Teacher Education prior to being enrolled in AEAH 4780 Art Education: Secondary Art Education Practices.
  3. Degree Plan Review/Audit: Review your processed degree plan with your CVAD advisor and generate a degree plan audit. You will need this for admission into Teacher Education within the UNT College of Education.
  4. College of Education Advising: Make an appointment with the Student Advising Office in the College of Education, 940-565-2736, to be admitted into Teacher Education in the College of Education.
    1. Admission to the College of Education requires junior status, a 2.75-grade point average (both UNT and overall), and grades of C or better on all art and education courses. There are some limited possibilities for exceptions to this requirement — contact the Art Education Undergraduate Coordinator for more details,
      1. Additional requirements include your official Degree Audit from CVAD Academic Advising, proof of your passing test scores, and a completed Teacher Education Application. Visit the College of Education for more information and forms.
    2. Take all these items to your appointment in Matthews Hall, Room 105.
    3. Important: Please remember to take your documents with you to your advising appointment in the College of Education.
  5. Technology Fee: Effective 2019-2020 academic year onward, students are responsible for a $35 technology fee as required by the Texas Education Association, TEA. The fee will be paid by the student through their account at UNT.

Teacher certification requirements beyond the Art Education degree 

  1. Complete Two Tests: TExES Exams: Art EC-12 content test and TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities test. Information: UNT College of Education, Matthews Hall, Room 105.
  2. Apply for Certification: Application for certification through the State Board of Educator Certification, SBEC: Information: UNT College of Education Matthews Hall, Room 105, Texas Examinations of Educator Standards and Educator Certification.

Note: Please be aware that your certification may take up to six weeks after your grades and degree are posted.


For more information, visit the Department of Art Education, Art Building, Room 230,