Studio Art: Equipment by Concentration


CVAD Core Facilities

All students enrolled in studio art courses have access to the CVAD computer lab, CVAD IT equipment check-out items, fourth-floor woodshop, photo documentation room, digital and textile fabrication labs, critique areas, and multiple exhibition spaces for student exhibitions.

For access to the equipment, please check your syllabus for instructions or with the faculty member for the CVAD class in which you are enrolled.


Outdoor Covered Kiln Yard

Nine Gas Kilns

  • 2 Blaauw Shuttle Kilns, 26 and 16 cu. ft.
  • 1 Bailey Shuttle Kiln, 22 cu. ft.
  • 4 Olsen Updraft Kilns, 24 cu. ft., 16 cu. ft., and 12 cu. ft.
  • 1 custom updraft kiln, 18 cu. ft.
  • 1 Olympic Raku Kiln
  • 1 custom-built kiln, 100 cu. ft.*

Two Atmosphere Kilns

  • 1 soda kiln
  • 1 wood train kiln*

Log Splitter and Brick Saw

Clay Mixing Room

3 Soldner Professional Model Clay Mixers
2 Venco Pugmills and
2 Peter Pugger VPM-60 Pugmills

Undergraduate Classrooms

21 Electric Wheels
20 handbuilding tables
2 Brent SR20 Slab Rollers
2 Extruders: 1 North Star, 1 Brent HD  

Electric Kiln Room

  • 11 Electric Kilns capable of reaching cone 10:
    • 1 Cone Art Oval, BX2336D
    • 2 Skutt KM-1227PK
    • 3 Skutt KM-1027-3
    • 2 L&L E23T-3
    • 3 Skutt KM-1018-3
  • 4 Test Kilns capable of reaching cone 10
    • 1 Skutt GlazeTech — digital
    • 3 Cress A8HKT — manuals

Ceramics Digital Fabrication Labs

  • 1 PotterBot Clay 3D Printer
  • 1 Peter Pugger VPM-20SS, for use with the PotterBot
  • 1 Ram Press
  • 2 3D Printers, Creality3D CR-10s Pro
  • 1 Decal Printer, Enduring Images System

2 Slip-O-Matics, Lehman Model 30B Slip-O-Matics
3 Casting Tables, STJ-L Slip Casting Tables
Dedicated Plaster Room
Glazing Lab with large Laguna Pro-V Spray Booth
Dry Material Room fully stocked with materials to mix glazes


Drawing and Painting

Four state-of-the-art open-space classrooms with natural lighting.
Silicoils with gamsol

Fourth Floor Woodshop Equipment
Sawstop table saw
Miter saws
Band saw
Panel saw
Drill press
Pneumatic and hand tools 

Metalsmithing and Jewelry

Pulse arc micro-welder
Multiple large enameling kilns
Powder coating facilities
Blacksmithing forgeVicmarc lathe for metal spinning
Digital Fabrication Laboratory with multiple resin printers, laser cutters, and CNC routers, as well as a vinyl cutter and CNC plasma cutter

Electroforming, TIG welder (tungsten inert gas), etching, a full-compliment of hammers, stakes and chasing/repoussé tools
Tools full size and mini oxyacetylene torches, centrifugal and vacuum casting
Pulse arc welder

New Media Art

Classroom with 20 state-of-the-art iMac computers
CAVE multipurpose space equipped with eight high-definition video projectors, a four-channel audio system, and a theatrical-style lighting grid
Alcove project space for small-scale and short-term student exhibitions
Professional lighting studio with a green screen
Audio recording booth

16mm film production equipment
High-definition video cameras
DSLR cameras
Digital still cameras
Digital audio production tools, including field recorders and microphones
Arduino kits
Raspberry Pi kits

Soldering irons and circuit-building supplies
Leap Motion sensors
Emotiv brainwave interfaces
Midi controllers
Semi-modular audio synthesizers
Lighting kits
Video projectors
Virtual reality computers with HTC Vive headsets and controllers


Epson printers with 44-inch wide capabilities
Epson film and flatbed scanners
Large-format analog and digital cameras
High-end continuous LED, strobe, and speed lighting kits

Dedicated cyclorama lighting and chroma-key studio with Capture One tethering
Individual ADA-accessible darkroom
Traditional wet and alternative processes darkrooms
Wacom desktop and Cintiq tablets


38” x 72” Takach etching press
18" x 36" Takach etching press
36" x 60" Charles Brand etching press
30" x 50" Charles Brand etching press
26" x 50" Charles Brand etching press
16" x 30" Charles Brand etching press
Gordon letterpress
SP-15 Vandercook letterpress
30" x 50" Charles Brand lithography press
32" x 56" Takach lithography press

Printmaking Grad Studio
26” x 50” Charles Brand Etching Press 
30” x 44” Printmakers Machine Co Lithography Press
Vacuum Table 32” x 32” 

30" x 44" Graphic lithography press
WSL A2 photopolymer platemaker
NuArc Tri-Light 42x60 exposure unit
NuArc MSP 3140 exposure unit
NuArc 40-1KS exposure unit
A large selection of lithography stones — up to 30" x 24" in size
Hydraulic lift (rated 1000kg)
36" Pexto plate shear
22" x 32" hotplate


Metal Shop Equipment
Metal Belt Sander
Abrasive Saw  
Buffer/Grinder Combo Machine
Horizontal Metal Bandsaw
Drill Press
Bader Sander  
Ring Roller  
Sheet Metal Brake  
Sheet Metal Shear  
Universal Bender  
Sand Blaster  
Handheld Plasma Cutter  
Slip Roller  
Mig/Tig/ Oxy-Acetylene Welding  
Forge Room 
Natural Gas Forge  

Wood Shop Equipment  
Panel Saw  
Compound Miter Saws  
Scroll Saw  
Belt Sander  
Drum Sander  
Horizontal Belt Sander  
Vertical Belt/Disk Sander Combo
Drill Press  
Large Bandsaw  
Table Saws
Table Router

Additional Sculpture Resources
Large Hydraulic Vibrating Table
Pressure Chamber for Mold Making  
Wax Station 
Tool Cage  
Dual Extruder 3D PLA Printer 
Pla Printers  
Fully Equipped Tool Cage  
CNC Router Room  
4’x8’ ShopBot 3-Axis CNC Router  
CNC Plasma room  
 4’x8’ Laguna CNC Plasma Cutter  
Spray Booth  
Draft Wall Walk-in Spray Booth 
Papermaking Room  
Hollander Paper Beater 
Hydraulic Paper Press