Zak looking downward, wearing glasses, shaved hair, multicolored background.

Zachary "Zak" Loyd

Visual Arts Technician, New Media Art
Department of Studio Art

Art Building, Room 354A

Staff Advisory Representative


Zak Loyd is a multimedia artist and educator interested in the mystical ramifications of archaic and contemporary video technologies. He works primarily in installation, performance, and network-based composition. He has exhibited work regionally and internationally at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, Colo.; Rhizome at The New Museum; Upfor Gallery, Portland, Ore.; Casa Maauad, Mexico D.F.; and Videofag, Toronto.

Zak holds a B.A. in Theatre and Film from the University of Texas and an M.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Media Art Practices from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo. While in Boulder, he was an artist in residence at the university's Media Archeology Lab. He managed the TECHNE Lab, a practice-based digital arts and humanities research space.

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