Tyson is facing forward. He has short brown hair, wears glasses and a blue shirt.

Tyson E. Lewis

Professor, Art Education
Director, Art Education Graduate Studies
Department of Art Education

Art Building, Room 309A





Research interests: Educational philosophy, critical theory, phenomenological research methods and aesthetics.

Links to Recent Work

Studio-D Project, Education as Experimentation: Possibilities Beyond Outcome-Based Learning in collaboration with the Jo Ann (Jody) & Dr. Charles O. Onstead Institute for Education in the Visual Arts & Design.


Lewis, T.E. (2023). "Educational Potentialities: Collected Talks on Revolutionary Education, Aesthetics, and Organization"

Lewis, T.E., & Hyland, P.B. (2022). Studious Drift: Movements and Protocols for a Postdigital Education. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Lewis, T. (2020). Walter Benjamin’s Anti-Fascist Education: From Riddles to Radio. New York: SUNY Press.

Lewis, T. (2017). Inoperative Learning: A Radical Rewriting of Educational Potentialities. New York: Routledge.

Video Interviews, Presentations

Intellectual Collectivities Podcast Series

Walter Benjamin’s Antifascist Education: From Riddles to Radio Author-Meets-Critics Panel

Walter Benjamin and the Antifascist Potential of Children's Coloring

This video features Dr. Tyson Lewis discussing his recent book "Walter Benjamin’s Antifascist Education" about art education, particularly, children’s coloring.

Book Launch for Educational Potentialities: Collected Talks on Revolutionary Education, Aesthetics, and Organization


Choose to be Curious

Childhood Art, Center for the Study of Childhood Art

University of Minnesota Press Podcast Series

Thinking in the Midst

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