Tyson Lewis

Tyson E. Lewis

Professor, Art Education
Department of Art Education

Art Building, Room 220E


Research interests: Educational philosophy, critical theory, phenomenological research methods and aesthetics.

Links to Recent Work

Studio-D Project, Education as Experimentation: Possibilities Beyond Outcome-Based Learning in collaboration with the Jo Ann (Jody) & Dr. Charles O. Onstead Institute for Education in the Visual Arts & Design.


Lewis, T.E., & Hyland, P.B. (2022). Studious Drift: Movements and Protocols for a Postdigital Education. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Lewis, T. (2020). Walter Benjamin’s Anti-Fascist Education: From Riddles to Radio. New York: SUNY Press.

Lewis, T. (2017). Inoperative Learning: A Radical Rewriting of Educational Potentialities. New York: Routledge.

Video Interviews, Presentations

Intellectual Collectivities Podcast Series

Walter Benjamin’s Antifascist Education: From Riddles to Radio Author-Meets-Critics Panel


Choose to be Curious

Childhood Art, Center for the Study of Childhood Art

Hosted by Drs. Christopher Schulte and Hayon Park, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark.