Meredith looking forward, long auburn hair, smiling

Meredith Cawley

Art Building, Room 345V




Lecturer Cawley (she, her, hers) is a Texas-based multimedia artist. She holds an M.F.A. (2016) in sculpture from the University of Houston and a B.F.A. (2012) from Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas. Inspired by her 10-year experience as an outreach educator at the Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History, Bryan, Texas, her current focus explores how cultural opinions represent, shape, and affect the bear.
Impressive presentations include the Pop Culture Conference in San Antonio, Texas, and the FATE Conference in Denver, where she discussed examining social norms through paper dolls and fostering an authentic, inclusive curriculum in foundations. The Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Fort Worth, Texas, displayed Cawley's work in the exhibition "150 Artist/150 Years," alongside art by Andy Warhol. 

Inspired by a print by Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait, Cawley’s exhibition, “In Conversation with Tait’s "In a Tight Fix,” is on display at Houston's Box 13 ArtSpace through June 17, 2023.


Meredith Cawley, lecturer in Foundations, has completed the Spring 2024 Certificate of Excellence for Teaching Online program, which resulted in a $1,500 professional development stipend and a CETO micro-credential. The CETO program, a hybrid professional development course offered by the UNT CLEAR faculty development team, part of the UNT Division of Digital Strategy and Innovation, is designed for UNT instructors who aim to incorporate inclusive, evidence-based teaching strategies into their online courses. 

Additionally, Cawley has been named one of UNT Special Collections 2024 Research Fellowships! This project seeks to leverage the UNT Special Collections’ Jim Marrs Archives to construct a speculative fiction narrative around bear conservation. With a 1,000 stipend, the proposed research will examine Marrs’ materials on UFOs and conspiracy theories to draw parallels with environmental stewardship and interspecies ethics. This interdisciplinary endeavor will culminate in a public presentation aiming to engage dialogue on biodiversity conservation through the prism of creative speculation.

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