CVAD Vision, Full Statement

CVAD Faculty Bylaws, January 2022


The College of Visual Arts and Design assumes a critical role in building North Texas into a world-renowned center for culture and education.


The College of Visual Arts and Design fosters creative futures for its diverse student population and the region through rigorous arts-based education, arts-and client-based studio practice, scholarship and research.


Together, students, faculty, staff, administrators, the college advisory board and alumni comprise the UNT College of Visual Arts and Design. The college is home to an abundant plurality of voices, visions and aspirations. Nonetheless, we share common values and sense of purpose.

Visual Arts and Design

We affirm the role of visual arts and design and recognize their role as defining markers of civilization and modes for expressing the human story. The visual arts and design fire the imagination, enable aesthetic expression, cultivate self-discipline and critical habits of mind, encourage empathy and human understanding and transmit important human values.


We acknowledge our relationship with and duty to communities large and small, near and far. Through service experiences we respond to the needs of local communities and beyond. Through scholarship, research and exploring new ideas we reveal new knowledge and invent unique, sustainable solutions.

Institutional Commitment

We are committed to all of our stakeholders and strive to ensure their individual and shared success.We work to honor this commitment by recognizing and supporting the unique accomplishments and contributions of all who work for, study at or are vested in the college.

Individual Commitment

We are home to a richly varied community of artists, designers, educators, scholars, researchers and learners. As such, we believe that a common sense of purpose shared by our college community is the best assurance for its long-term institutional success. We, therefore, encourage all of our stakeholders to find their own unique ways to sustain the collective working and well-being of the college.

CVAD Goals

Our shared values and common sense of purpose draw us together and provide the foundation for our individual and institutional aspirations.


The College of Visual Arts and Design aspires to become a nationally-recognized leader in arts education, artistic production, academic scholarship, design practice and arts-based research.

  • CVAD will develop a branding and marketing strategy to heighten the recognition and visibility of its programs.
  • CVAD will increase the budget for advertising to reach a national and international audience.
  • CVAD will review its publications, websites and social media opportunities and develop a plan to coordinate and improve communications.
  • CVAD will expand its alumni outreach and increase the number of Advisory Board members from other regions and states.

Broader Impact

  • As a leading college of visual arts and design, CVAD aspires to champion the visual arts, arts education and scholarship and demonstrate their importance to a diverse world.
  • CVAD will attract support for art and design by educating citizens in Texas and beyond about how art and design intersect across disciplines and can provide options and solutions to challenging social issues.
  • CVAD will be a model of inclusion and tolerance by offering programs to the public that celebrate diversity and multicultural approaches to art and design disciplines.
  • CVAD will actively participate in shaping the future of the arts in North Texas by working with the City of Denton and the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area arts organizations and museums in strategic planning and support for the arts.
  • CVAD will strengthen its relationship to UNT International and its global partners to expand opportunities for its stakeholders.


The College aspires to be a hub of artists, scholars, designers and staff working at the forefront of their individual careers while serving students and the community.

  • CVAD will maintain NASAD and CIDA accreditation by being a model for best practices in art and design disciplines.
  • CVAD will further develop college resources to support research and grant activity for its community.
  • CVAD will strive to create a culture of philanthropy internally and externally to increase funding to support student, faculty and staff research and creative projects.
  • CVAD will support professional leaves for faculty and additional training for staff related to their positions.


CVAD’s aspirations echo those of the larger University and are consistent with UNT’s goals in supporting undergraduate and graduate education, research, operations and engagement.

  • CVAD will support UNT’s undergraduate education by hiring talented and accomplished faculty and staff and offering innovative curriculum, co-curricular activities and study abroad opportunities.
  • CVAD will provide excellent graduate education by recruiting distinguished faculty and working with the Toulouse Graduate School to increase scholarships and assistantships.
  • CVAD will support operational effectiveness by maintaining high-performance standards for students and seeking additional internal and external funds to support equipment, technology and improved art and design facilities.
  • CVAD will work closely with UNT’s President’s Council for Community Engagement, Art in Public Places Program, Office of Research and Economic Development, Office of University Advancement and businesses and organizations in North Texas to develop mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships.


Note: Should you need a reasonable accommodation due to a disability to fully participate in a CVAD event, please contact the CVAD Dean's Office,, 940-565-4001. For voice access, dial 1-800-RELAYTX (735-2989). Please make the request as soon as possible to allow sufficient time to arrange the accommodation.

UNT is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, 11250 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 21, Reston, VA 20190-5248, phone: (703) 437-0700; fax: (703) 437-6312;, email. In 2020, UNT achieved designation from the Department of Education as a Title III & Title V Minority-Serving Institution and as a Hispanic Serving Institution.