Thomas MenikosThomas Menikos

Visual Arts Technician, Printmaking
Department of Studio Art

Art Building, Room 275C

Thomas Menikos is a tinkerer and doodler from Mansfield, Texas. His work seeks to comment on issues of identity, maturity, and charlatanism, as they become entangled in personal narrative occupying the smoke-and-mirrors world of adulthood. These comments are created as consumer goods, creating a venue in which issues such as: delusions of grandeur, loss of self, journey versus destination, Identity, and self-worth; can be examined in an interior manner. Although focused in printmaking, he stretches himself to work in media like functional sculpture and interactive digital art. He likes cats, shoes, and Jack-in-the-Box tacos. Thomas received his Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art in 2016 from the University of Dallas.