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About the M.A. in IxD Program

The Master of Arts degree in Design has a concentration in Interaction Design, IxD. Offered through UNT's College of Visual Arts and Design, the M.A. in IxD program is the only one of its kind in the North Texas region. With this degree, you can launch and sustain a career in one of the hottest new professional disciplines, in one of the Top 20 most lucrative job markets in North America. Design thinking and human-centered design are at the heart of this new graduate program that began in 2017. Students can complete a master's in under 16 months, receive a minor, or take individual courses to augment a graduate degree in a related field.

Whether you want to pivot your career, mature your organization, or define a product idea, the M.A. in IxD program can help you discover and achieve your future. The program immerses you in a research-based approach to design within the context of services and social innovation and offers courses for full- and part-time students.

The curriculum offers the following.

  • Flexible evening and weekend courses
  • Multidisciplinary classroom experiences
  • Interaction with industry experts
  • Real-world, hands-on projects

The demand for human-centered-design leaders and thinkers has grown exponentially in the past decade as companies and organizations are challenged to positively transform their businesses, products and services. Now more than ever, effectively and consistently meeting the needs of diverse users dictates market success and, as importantly, cultural approval. Today, more than ever, cross-disciplinary collaborations driven by shared approaches to design research, thinking and processes are the foundation of innovation and success.

For those seeking to travel on this future wave, the M.A. in Design with a concentration in Interaction Design is the launch pad. This degree is designed to help individuals and organizations gain the skills, methods, and experiences needed to define meaningful, effective and successful human-centered products, services, and systems.


What to Expect

UNT at Frisco, TexasThe degree will help you gain the skills, methods, and experiences needed to define meaningful and successful human-centered products. Everything from mobile devices to large-scale computing networks often needs to be reimagined and redesigned to improve performance, engagement and usability.

The cross-disciplinary curriculum challenges you to leverage connections between design, the social sciences, marketing and logistics, and the computing sciences.


A minimum of three, three-semester-credit-hour courses should be taken in UNT disciplines outside of the design department. Electives may include but are not limited to anthropology, computer science, digital retailing and journalism, information technology and decision science, marketing and logistics and technical communications.

Guided Pathway

Learn how you can complete your graduate degree.

Guided Pathway for M.A. in Design, with a concentration in Interaction Design.

Fall Semester
ADES 5410 Foundations and Frameworks of Interaction
ADES 5420 Human-Centered IXD1
ADES 5450 Data and Information Visualization and Design

Spring Semester
ADES 5430 Interaction Design MakerLab 01
ADES 5440 Human-Centered IXD 2
*MKTG 5000 Marketing Concepts

Summer Semester
*MKTG 5150 Marketing Management (Online course)
*LSCM 5300 Strategic Supply Chain Management (Online course)

Fall Semester
ADES 5460
Interaction Design: Inception-to-Pitch Capstone Project

*These are elective courses to complement the major. Alternatives can be selected in consultation with a graduate advisor. NOTE: This is not an official degree plan. Check with the M.A. in IxD program advisor, Michael Gibson; degree plans may change in later catalogs.

More Program Information

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board marketable skills initiative is part of the state’s plan to be among the highest-achieving states in the country. The state's 60x30TX plan is a roadmap to help Texas reach that goal through higher education.

M.A. in Design Marketable Skills

  1. Understand evidence-based design research
  2. Teamwork
  3. Oral and written communication
  4. Application of technical knowledge
  5. Use a design-thinking approach

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board marketable skills initiative is part of the state’s 60 x 30 TX plan. For more information on this, read about the THECB skills.

More information 

Taking courses in this new master’s degree program will place you in the heart of one of America’s most thriving IxD and UxD job markets. The Plano-Frisco-Dallas-area is among the top 15 most lucrative markets in North America for people who possess IxD- and UxD-based knowledge and job skills.

Contact Information

Michael R. Gibson
Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator



Note: Should you need a reasonable accommodation due to a disability to fully participate in a CVAD event, please contact the CVAD Dean's Office,, 940-565-4001. For voice access, dial 1-800-RELAYTX (735-2989). Please make the request as soon as possible to allow sufficient time to arrange the accommodation.

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